ICCF Wealth Management President Quoted in TheStreet Article

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If you sock away most of your money in an interest-bearing savings or checking account, you’re likely not getting a great return on your money.

Bank account savings rates have hit near rock bottom—just slightly outpacing the current rate of inflation at 0.066%

But there are several other options for consumers who are looking for savings accounts with higher interest rates. I recently shared my thoughts on this topic with TheStreet in an article they published, Rock Bottom Savings Account Rates? There’s a Better Way.

Consumers who want to get the best return for their money should consider online bank and local financial institutions like credit unions. It’s also best to shop around and compare rates. You also may have to open new accounts and wait up to a year to generate the most value.

Read the article to learn more about how to get the best savings account rates, and contact ICCF Wealth Management for more information.

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