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ICCF Wealth Management is a local fee-based advisory practice. Our three primary services are:

Family Wealth Management

We provide sound asset allocation strategy by utilizing statistical modelling to improve success rates. This independent advice helps families maintain and grow their net worth over the long term while protecting against market volatility and inflationary periods. We also work closely with all family members to provide education on how to use wealth wisely to provide for the individuals and causes that are most important to them.

Fixed Income Portfolio Management

We understand that many high net worth individuals and families spread the responsibility of asset management to multiple advisors. In these situations, we focus on dynamic fixed income portfolios. Our portfolios include various asset classes within the global fixed income market to achieve your desired results.

Retirement Planning

Whether through a 401K, IRA or a brokerage account, we are all saving for the future. Retirement looks different for every individual, as do the portfolios and strategies to help each of us get there. We appreciate your individuality and will help guide you to investments and strategies to achieve your unique goal. We test your portfolio using a variety of investment models and probability analysis to provide a thoughtful and thorough strategy.

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